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Strong partnerships in science, R&D, cultivation, and fully licensed for cultivation, refinement and export worldwide.
Our quality begins with our seeds, the perfect farming climate in Colombia for cultivation, and sophisticated state-of-the-art processing.
Our cannabis extract products are sold in crude, distillate, or isolate in the form of oil or powder, for use by medical, pharma and/or international brands.
OWP has partnered with the indiginous tribes for unlimited growth, with the full support of the Colombian government.

If Cannabis were oil, OWP owns the land, the drilling rig, the refinery, and the distribution network.

Science & Research
OWP is forming alliances with local doctors and the Alternative Medicine Association, and has national investigation alliances with public universities and a local group of scientists under the umbrella “BIMCASA,” with extensive published research in medical cannabis.
Cultivation & Processing Facilities
OneWorld Pharma S.A. is positioned on 34 acres in Popayan, Colombia (2-3 hours outside of Cali, Colombia), featuring a 100,000 ft. covered greenhouse. The property is surrounded by an additional 185 acres of farmland, owned and operated by 75 indigenous families who are part of the "WalaPopayan Cooperative," and working in partnership with OWP providing us quick-scale capabilities. OWP is also expanding into cultivation farmland near Bogotá, working with the indigenous tribes there. OWP a state-of-the-art extract processing facility 20 minutes from its Popayan farm.
OWP holds 4 licenses issued by the Colombian government, which are: for Psychoactive high THC cultivation, Psychoactive low THC cultivation, and Seed Use (issued by the Ministry of Justice and Law), and Manufacture of Cannabis Derivatives (issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection). OWP also maintains international compliance through its logistics partner Global 3PL (
Through the refinement process, OWP can produce three types of cannabis extracts to be used as ingredients by medical and pharma companies, as well as international food and beverage brands. OWP produces "crude", "Distillate" and "Isolate" in the form of oils and powders.
Worldwide Distribution
OWP processes and packages its products at it's Colombia facility, and then ships it in-bond to Toronto, Canada, where its logistics partner, Global 3PL (, stores, inventories, and ships OWP's product worldwide. Their proprietary technology platform tracks the products through its lifecycle, worldwide.

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