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We provide services concerning buying, selling and infrastructure firms marketing with a full-service offering, including integrating systems and technological consultation services.
With more than 15 years of experience working in consulting and marketing industries, we have successfully built a comprehensive system for our services and solutions in strategic planning, consulting, and economic operations.

Having more than 15 years of experience

Our primary goal is to support businesses and companies through financial advisory. We manage financial resources consistent with the macroeconomic vision and study how they affect the overall health.
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Businext was founded in 2000 by three men: Frankie Cao, Borris Hanman & Buff Mardis. These men have altogether gone through all the thick and thin since the beginning of this company. They have really created a huge empire and an inspiring example for us to follow.

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Global 3PL is a full-service logistics company based in Canada, with a focus on just in time inventory and last mile delivery. It includes bonded warehousing and provides international freight-forwarding working with worldwide Custom House Brokers. The company has facilities in Canada and the U.S., and provides domestic transportation services as wl

Global 3PL
Global 3PL

Cannagistics is a technology-driven service that bridges worldwide cannabis government regulation adherence with logistics, to create a seamless solution for the movement, tracking, and clearances of cannabis-related products across continents to ensure compliance or the lifecycle of the product.


The community’s established indigenous cooperative of small farmers is called WalaPopayan, who obtained its granted medical cannabis cultivation license through the sponsorship of OneWorld Pharma, Mama Liliana Pechene is on the Board and is considered a VIP in the associate of tribes and an ambassador for the indigenous people. OWP has obtained considerations by the Colombian Government so that it can amend and extend it’s current licenses to any indigenous farmland within the country, giving it almost unlimited and unrivaled expansion capabilities. This serves as a true economic partnership between OWP and the indigenous tribes.

WalaPopayan Cooperative
WalaPopayan Cooperative

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