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About Us


OWP Ventures Inc. is a Nevada corporation that is positioning its wholly owned subsidiary, One World Pharma S.A.S ("OWP") -- a licensed cannabis cultivation, production, and distribution (export) company located in Popayán, Colombia -- to be a global leader in the high-quality, high-volume production of medical cannabis and raw cannabis extract ingridients, distributed worldwide.


We achieve "high-quality" cannabis and cannabis extract products through a science-driven agenda of refining and producing varied seed strains and "low-cost" status through our unrivaled growth ability.
220 Acres of Farmland
100 Sq Feet of Covered Greenhouse
980 Square Meter State-of-the-art Processing Facility
Worldwide Distribution via Canada Warehouse
Positive social impact for indigenous tribe economy

Partnership &
Social Impact

As one of the only players to receive all relevant licenses (seed, cultivation, extraction, and export) from the Colombian government, OWP sponsored the WalaPopayan. cooperative for their granted medical cannabis cultivation license, which provides it access to their crops for transformation/extraction. Mama Liliana Pechene is on the Board and is considered a VIP in the associate of tribes and an ambassador for the indigenous people.

Moreover, through special considerations by the Colombian Government, OWP can amend and extend it’s current licenses to any indigenous farmland within the country, giving it almost unlimited and unrivaled expansion capabilities.

OWP and the indigenous tribes have by default empowered one another in the true spirit of mutual partnership.

Global 3P ( is OWP’s logistics partner, and through a combined technology-driven supply chain can deliver unmatched worldwide distribution and compliance adherence.

We are a value-driven organization

Chief Executive Officer

With a storied entrepreneurial background of success, extensive knowledge in the science behind cultivation of seeds, Craig is the company visionary.

Chief Operating Officer

An operator of over a dozen cannabis dispensaries in California before he was 25, and personally knows the curative powers of cannabis derivatives, Brian is hands-on and passionate about OWP.

A dedicated staff both in the United States and Colombia drives our excellence!

We combine the forces to create an unrivaled platform for growth and value creation in financing.

High Quality
-- Low Cost

High quality
OWP Ventures Inc. is committed to producing the highest quality products at the lowest cost to our clients worldwide, ensuring profits for our stockholders and partners.
Science-driven seed cultivation
Perfect climate
Well-managed farms
Stat-of -the-art Processing
Success model
OWP Ventures Inc. has established a model of success through its relationships and partnerships in science, cultivation, and logistics, to ensure quality products and international compliance.
R&D driven production
High-volume capability
Hi-tech tracking
International logistics