Hemp seeds are small, brown seeds from the Cannabis sativa plant.

All Hemp Seeds are Not the Same

Just like marijuana, hemp seeds are versatile in genetics and have a variety of options for your hemp growing endeavors. There is great complexity when it comes to the profile of the hemp seed. Some of the staple things that are observed when dissecting the genetics of the hemp seed profile are: THC levels Feminization […]

hemp is a relatively new biopolymer being used in the automotive industry

Why Does the Automotive Industry Want Hemp products?

Experimenting with organic alternatives to typical building materials is nothing new. In fact, alternative energy vehicles are a thing of the past. As the auto industry transitions from fossil fuels to renewable energy, it’s no wonder the auto industry wants hemp products to power the next generation of vehicles. It’s less costly than petroleum based […]

Colombia, the highland setting and world-famously rich soil, is the Perfect Climate For Cannabis And Hemp

Columbia, The Perfect Climate For Cannabis And Hemp

In this article we will explore the perfect climate for biodiversity and why it preserves a perfect growing environment for both cannabis and hemp. Columbia; a place famous for its latin culture rich foods such as arepas, their incredibly talented musicians and dancers, and of course, their fiestas that outshine any good time you seek […]

Hemp Biomass is the remaining organic material (stalks & leaves) after the flowers and seeds have been harvested from the plant.

What is Hemp Biomass?

Hemp biomass is the remaining components of the plant that is left after the bud has been extracted. In this article we dive into what hemp biomass is and why it’s important. So, what is hemp biomass? When the hemp plant is harvested, in most cases only the flowers (that are later trimmed) are extracted […]

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, Seedsman, and Crop King Seeds have the Has The Best Genetics.

Where to Get the Best Genetics

In the small, competitive global market of cannabis there are numerous places to purchase your cannabis seeds. Closely observing genetic profiles of the hemp seed, there are a few companies that strive to breed the perfect cannabis seed. When considering investing in your cannabis crop, there are numerous attributes to contemplate while observing the genetic […]

Hemp oil can be used to make biofuels called bioethanol and biodiesel.

Can Hemp Oil Replace Fossil Fuels?

While fossil fuels impelled the advancement of humankind, it is no secret that it is also the key to human demise. From resource wars to a warming climate as a result of dense pollution- researchers are looking for an answer and hemp oil could be it. Fossil fuels are something that has become a topic […]

Colombia's FEDECORE provides seed-to-sale assistance to the designated groups to be used in FEDECORE's industrial hemp project.

FEDECORE Can Help Colombia Become An Industrial Hemp Powerhouse

FEDECORE and One World Pharma have joined forces to establish humanitarian efforts bringing hemp powerhouse farming projects to benefit small Colombian farmers. FEDECORE is the Colombian Federation of Regional Advisors. Their main prerogative is to defend human rights by the promotion of inclusive programming, policies and projects within the Colombian community. One World Pharma is […]

Cannabis stocks are incredibly volatile. Every investment should, therefore, be taken with extreme caution.

Hedging Cannabis Investments: Is Your Cannabis Investment Safe?

Risk is inherent in trading, but big risks often mean big rewards. As the industry maneuvers through changing laws and increasing competition, you may want to ask; is your cannabis investment safe? You might be wondering if you should hold off on marijuana stock investments. And with good reason. The market is so new, it’s […]

Cannabis flower exports from Colombia have been authorized only for scientific purposes.

Will Colombia’s Government Allow The Export of Cannabis Flower?

The Colombian government only allows the exportation of cannabis products for “scientific purposes” as cannabis advocates strive for change in the government’s policies. Colombia is a country that beholds an enriched environment that allows a growing season for biodiverse gardens year round. The country is a perfect place to grow high-quality and consistent cannabis products. […]

An isolate contains just a single chemical, and distillates contain the whole plant.

What’s the Difference Between Distillates and Isolates?

Don’t worry if you don’t know the difference between hemp distillate and hemp isolate. They are easily confused but key differences make the two unique.  The rapidly changing hemp market also means rapid development of new technology, and of course the terminology that comes with it. Luckily it’s pretty easy to learn the language and […]