Colombia's FEDECORE provides seed-to-sale assistance to the designated groups to be used in FEDECORE's industrial hemp project.

FEDECORE Can Help Colombia Become An Industrial Hemp Powerhouse

FEDECORE and One World Pharma have joined forces to establish humanitarian efforts bringing hemp powerhouse farming projects to benefit small Colombian farmers.

FEDECORE is the Colombian Federation of Regional Advisors. Their main prerogative is to defend human rights by the promotion of inclusive programming, policies and projects within the Colombian community. One World Pharma is a cannabis and hemp ingredient producer that is fully licensed and operates in Colombia.

FEDECORE and One World Pharma have teamed up together in order to join efforts distributing seed-to-sale assistance to qualified communities in Colombia.  FEDECORE has strived for many years investing in the betterment of the Colombian people by implementing social project developments that addresses post-conflict and works towards the advancement of struggling and underdeveloped communities. FEDECORE can help Colombia become an industrial hemp powerhouse.

Colcannapy is a Colombian company that holds a valid seed license and has 24 registered cultivars which will be utilized in the upcoming FEDECORE projects regarding industrial hemp powerhouse. Utilizing Colcannapy’s ability to expedite the imminent programs being implemented, this partnership will be able to apply these new initiatives to populations of the country, widespread.

Domestic Conflict Has Affected The Farmers Of Columbia, Greatly

One World Pharma partnered with FEDECORE implementing humanitarian efforts towards creating An Industrial Hemp Powerhouse.

Rural portions of Colombia have been extensively observed over the years, mostly regarding their participation in the country’s armed conflict. Domestic conflict has affected the farmers of Colombia, greatly. As many of you know, Colombia is the world’s largest distributor of the drug, Cocaine. But not all “participation” is colunteerd on the residents’ part.

The paramilitaries, guerillas and narco-traffickers have implemented violence on portions of the region to a detrimental extent, leaving many people abandoning their villages and homes becoming Internally Displaced People (IDP). Though, much of the violence has died down since the Colombian government made a peace deal with the Marxist revolutionary guerilla group named ‘The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia’ back in 2016.

While most blame these resistance groups for the devastation to these communities, it is important to acknowledge what perpetuates these conflicts in tandem with the war on drugs. Massive construction projects also displace people from their homes as well as threaten the environment, enable food insecurity and strip the earth’s ability to nurture agricultural biodiverse environments; one of Colombia’s biggest attributes.

According to Coha, biofuel companies as well as the mining industry also play a huge role in the dispossession of land and displacement of people. The Colombian government has continuously permitted indiscriminate allocation of exploitation licenses to private companies. Exacerbating the conflicts at hand.

The rural communities of Colombia possess nurturing environments for agricultural biodiversity which in turn feeds the economic revenue of the country as 7% of Colombia’s economy relies on agriculture. It is imperative that the rural and indigenous communities are replenished with the ability to host self-sustainability.

Some coffee companies have gone to great lengths in reinvesting into their coffee communities and farms in Colombia by building gravity-fed clean water systems, installing safe, enclosed, environmentally sound stoves and other community programs in care for the rural communities of the country. Now, hemp is making strides to do the same thing, if not more.

No matter who is to blame for the people’s struggle in self-sustainability it is important to invest in hemp powerhouse programs like the ones One World Pharma and FEDECORE are implementing. By educating local farmers on how to grow high-quality, industrial hemp powerhouse efficiently and effectively, they are investing in the peoples workforce and introducing them to one of the worlds fastest growing industries.

Implementing Programs

Implementing Industrial Hemp Powerhouse Programs

Under this bonded endeavor, together One World Pharma and FEDECORE will become a hemp powerhouse, attributing humanitarian efforts towards the marginalized communities of the country. The Colombian government is adhering to their promise to “empower and enrich people who have suffered through previous domestic conflict. OWP [One World Pharma] was chosen in part because of its significant expertise in seed characterization and its stated mission to beneficially partner with indigenous people,” according to the News File Corp.

The newest program that will be taken place by this partnership is a program aimed to educate local growers in more modern and evidently more efficient ways of cultivation for hemp in Colombia’s rich climate. One World Pharma will then purchase 50% of the hemp flower and the hemp biomass, which will then be sold internationally in the small, yet competitive global market. The remaining biomass will be purchased by FEDECORE with intentions of the product being used domestically.

Colombia has an emerging subsidy program that was established to develop a large and outstanding industrial hemp powerhouse program that will be looked after by local, Colombian farmers. Brian Moore, the president of One World Pharma, said: “It is a great tribute to our reputation in Colombia that we have been selected to partner with FEDECORE. Our company’s initiatives include partnering with local farmers and indigenous people in a mutually beneficial way. Our partnership with FEDECORE is expected to allow us to do this on a large scale.”



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