Cannabis Molecules is a naturally occurring cannabinoid component of cannabis.

Why Isolating Different Cannabis Molecules Is Important

There are so many ways to process industrial and medicinal cannabis to achieve the highest quality product. And  isolating different cannabis molecules is important and unique.

You may have heard of concentrated forms of cannabis, super potent products that deliver more bang for your buck than any other method of consumption. The health benefits of CBD, terpenes, and other compounds found in the cannabis plant have been documented since the dawn of man the world over. 

New technology in the cannabis industry is providing faster methods of production, consistency in product, and quality that guarantees happy customers. Demand for regulation and consistency in an otherwise unregulated market is what producers and consumers alike are after though. Now, companies like One World Pharma are providing lab tested analysis of hemp products and provide labeling that lets buyers know exactly what’s in their hemp products. 

What is CBD Isolate Anyhow?

Just like it sounds, CBD isolate is an isolated form of the CBD compound which comes in a crystalline powder or compressed solid form. There are no other cannabinoids in CBD isolate than CBD. 

The process behind extracting cannabis molecules to isolate CBD specifically is a little technical but an easy way to explain it is this; through mechanical, chemical, and/or extreme temperature separation, manufacturers are able to strip the desirable molecules from the plant and discard the unwanted lipids, waxes and plant matter.

OWP's CBD isolate is an isolated form of the CBD compound which comes in a crystalline powder

Why Isolating Different Cannabis Molecules Is Important

Isolating cannabis molecules is extremely important for creating consistency in products that are produced to provide specific effects or healing properties. This also allows manufacturers to limit the amount of psychoactive THC that their products have in them.

Since high THC cannabis is still federally illegal, and in states that have not legalized medicinal or recreational marijuana in some form, CBD and hemp producers must keep their products at .3% or less of THC as outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill. This makes isolation a critical element of meeting federal standards and legality. 

In addition to federal guidelines, isolating cannabis molecules is important because it allows producers to create unique and strain specific products that have carefully measured levels of terpenes, flavonoids, and other essential oils from the cannabis plant. They can do this by isolating the molecules, then adding them back at a later point in processing. This creates the entourage effect- two or more compounds working more effectively when used together.  

What’s the Difference Between CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD?

CBD isolate is unique from other products created by extracting molecules from the cannabis plant because it completely isolates the CBD compound and that is the only ingredient in the end result. It is also in a crystalline form rather than the typical gooey oils from other distillates and cannabis concentrates.

On the other hand is full spectrum CBD. This means that the compounds were not separated in the extraction process and that varying amounts of THC, CBD, terpenes and other molecules are left intact. 

Different from full spectrum products, broad spectrum refers to an extraction process that leaves the CBD, CBN, CBC in a gooey oil form rather than isolating the CBD only, with only trace amounts of THC to meet the federal limit of .3%.  

What Are the Benefits of CBD Isolate?

Scientists and researchers have been testing and reporting the health benefits of cannabis compounds, and the list of its potential therapeutic effects keeps growing. CBD has been proven effective at treating a multitude of issues from dry skin and acne to quelling migraines and easing body pain. 

CBD has been used widely for maintaining overall wellness and has been known to increase mood and lower stress levels. It can help tackle anxiety, soothe an upset stomach, increase circulation, and in some cases people claim it has cured them of cancers like melanoma when used topically. CBD can also prevent and treat seizures. It can reduce and slow the growth of tumors. It is also neuroprotective and boosts immunity. 

How Do You Use CBD Isolate?

CBD could not be any easier to consume. As a powdered form, you can mix it into any beverage or plain water and mix it into recipes like brownies, cookies, gummies or other delicious treats. This isolate can also be mixed into oils to vape, sprinkled over a prerolled cone of flower for smoking, or blended into topical lotions for site specific body aches. Over time, big time CPG producers will buy it in bulk and use it as an ingredient in many of their products.

This to Consider Before Buying CBD Isolate

If you are thinking of buying any kind of cannabis product, make sure to keep a few things in mind. First, know who you’re dealing with. Don’t waste your money on sketchy gas station CBD products. The market is currently unregulated so there is nothing stopping a company from lying to you about what’s in their product.

Find a reputable dispensary or company that is transparent about their process, ingredients and that provide clear, consistent labeling that is easy to understand. If you cannot have any THC in your system, make sure you are consuming a legitimate isolate that has been lab tested. 



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