Colombia's FEDECORE provides seed-to-sale assistance to the designated groups to be used in FEDECORE's industrial hemp project.

FEDECORE Can Help Colombia Become An Industrial Hemp Powerhouse

FEDECORE and One World Pharma have joined forces to establish humanitarian efforts bringing hemp powerhouse farming projects to benefit small Colombian farmers. FEDECORE is the Colombian Federation of Regional Advisors. Their main prerogative is to defend human rights by the promotion of inclusive programming, policies and projects within the Colombian community. One World Pharma is […]

Cannabis flower exports from Colombia have been authorized only for scientific purposes.

Will Colombia’s Government Allow The Export of Cannabis Flower?

The Colombian government only allows the exportation of cannabis products for “scientific purposes” as cannabis advocates strive for change in the government’s policies. Colombia is a country that beholds an enriched environment that allows a growing season for biodiverse gardens year round. The country is a perfect place to grow high-quality and consistent cannabis products. […]

One World Pharmacy is leading the cannabis industry’s social equity and sustainability movements of Popayan Colombia.

Building Roads While Building Bridges with One World Pharma in Popayan Colombia

One World Pharmacy is leading the cannabis industry’s social equity and sustainability movements via an exclusive partnership with indigenous people of the Popayan Colombia. An important movement has emerged in the global industrialized hemp market. One that is inclusive of indigenous communities and values social equity and sustainability as components building better businesses.  Climate change […]

Best Place to Grow Hemp

Is Colombia Best Place to Grow Hemp?

The short answer may very well be: Yes.  Colombia, due to a number of intersecting factors, is the going to lead the world in 21st century hemp production.  From an existing infrastructure, to a welcoming regulatory environment and quite literally the perfect growing conditions, Colombia’s various traits have earned the South American nation a coveted […]

One World Pharmacy is leading the cannabis industry’s social equity and sustainability movements of Colombia.

From Coca To Cannabis In Colombia

You’d be forgiven for raising an eyebrow at the following suggestion: invest in the Colombian cannabis industry. After all, over the past few decades, Cannabis In Colombia gained notoriety for its illegal export of one of the world’s most dangerous narcotics, cocaine. This stigma–amplified through media and pop-culture the world overt–has had regrettable and lasting […]

The cannabis alcohol extraction method is one of the most popular and widely employed methods.

Which Cannabis Extraction Methods Are Best?

OVERVIEW There are over 113 cannabinoids–and 550 natural chemicals–in the cannabis plant. Some, like THC and CBD are quite well known. Others, like terpenes, are less well-known. Different products require different elements of the cannabis plant. That’s why cannabis is distilled: to separate and isolate the various parts of a cannabis plant for different products […]