Industrial Hemp

Can Industrial Hemp Save the Planet?

Hemp: A Renewable Resource with Countless Use Cases From hemp’s cost efficiency, to environmental benefits and myriad industrial applications, industrial hemp is the material of the future. The industrial uses for hemp are endless. You’d be forgiven for thinking the claims often made about hemp’s potential are too good to be true. But in this […]

CBD for Skin

Supercharge CBD Skin Care Products

CBD Skin Care Products is a world changer. Ten years ago, only a relative handful of industry-leaders, enthusiasts and researchers were familiar with this valuable cannabinoid. Now, CBD is a household name.  And with good reason.  CBD’s uses are incredibly abundant. CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most active compound in marijuana, second […]

Best Place to Grow Hemp

Is Colombia Best Place to Grow Hemp?

The short answer may very well be: Yes.  Colombia, due to a number of intersecting factors, is the going to lead the world in 21st century hemp production.  From an existing infrastructure, to a welcoming regulatory environment and quite literally the perfect growing conditions, Colombia’s various traits have earned the South American nation a coveted […]

Is Hemp Industry the Commodity of the Future

Is Hemp Industry the Commodity of the Future

We don’t have to look too far into our past to realize that hemp can be the valuable industrial commodity it once was. Hemp Industry was widely used throughout America and the rest of the world before the Marihuana Stamp Act of 1937, a bill that began a tedious road of prohibition around the globe. […]


Is Hempcrete Really Better Than Concrete

Well, it depends on how you define “better than concrete.” If you mean a building material that is fire and pest resistant, nearly as durable as concrete and only marginally more expensive plus incredibly beneficial to the environment, then yes.  To start, let’s take a look at the differences between concrete and hempcrete. Regular concrete […]