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Frequently Asked Questions


OWP Ventures Inc. is a Nevada corporation that is positioning its wholly owned subsidiary, One World Pharma S.A.S ("OWP") - a licensed cannabis cultivation, production, and distribution (export) company located in Popayán, Colombia --, to become the preeminent global cannabis derivatives producer.
Is OWP a U.S. Corproation
Yes, OWP Ventures Inc. is incorporated in the state of Nevada
Is OWP publiclly traded?
Yes, it in the process of obtaining its trading symbol
Does OWP have any subsidiaries?
Yes, its wholly-owned subsidiary OneWorld Pharma S.A.S. is a South American corporation that owns 34 acres of farmland in Popayan, with a 100 sq. ft. of a covered greenhouse. It also maintains a 900 sq. meter processing plant 20 minutes away with 24/7 security.
Can I buy stock in OWP Ventures Inc?
Not yet, but soon.

OneWorld Parma S.A.S

OneWorld Pharma S.A.S. is a South American corporation focused on the cultivation of cannabis plants and extraction of cannabis derivatives for worldwide sale.
Does OneWorld Pharma hav the ability to scale?
Yes, it is partnered with 185 additional acres of cultivation farmland.
Can is expand beyond it's current acreage?
Yes, it has obtained a provision by the Colombia government to extend its licenses to any indigenous land it partners with.
Does OneWorld Pharma produce quality cannabis?
Yes, through extensive testing and refinement OneWorld Pharma has produced premium seeds for harvesting.
Can I be notified of future develpments?
Yes, we have set up a newsletter that you can subscribe to on the site to notify you of any company updates.