Best Place to Grow Hemp

Is Colombia Best Place to Grow Hemp?

The short answer may very well be: Yes. 

Colombia, due to a number of intersecting factors, is the going to lead the world in 21st century hemp production. 

From an existing infrastructure, to a welcoming regulatory environment and quite literally the perfect growing conditions, Colombia’s various traits have earned the South American nation a coveted spot in the portfolios of savvy cannabis investors. 

Discover Why Colombia Will Be The Hemp Industry’s 21st Century Home

The Colombian government, having dealt with the stigma of being a nation famous for producing illegal drugs, is eager to change the global perception of its nation. The nation legalized personal cannabis use years ago and began permitting its sale in 2015. 

The cultural implications of this move cannot be overstated with regards to hemp cultivation. Around the world, the lack of awareness around the difference between cannabis and marijauna products leads to a stalling of progress. That is simply not the case in Colombia, which is culturally open to hemp and cannabis products. 

This is not the only ironic advantage that Colombia enjoys. Because of the prevalence of illicit marijauna and coca growing, there is already widely distributed agricultural knowledge about the cultivation of crops. Moreover, the physical infrastructure, from roads to transportation and compliance enforcement, are already firmly in place. 

Though the laws regulating the production of hemp and cannabis products are continuing to evolve and clarify, the nation has an overall liberal attitude towards cultivation of hemp and cannabis plants. For example, the cap on CBD content in Colombia is 1%. In most areas, the cap is 0.3%. This mitigates farmers’ fears of producing a ‘hot crop,’ or a batch of cannabis plants with a THC content high enough to prevent them taking their product to market. There is no limit on the area of hemp cultivation.

Additionally, the nation’s Agricultural Bank is a state-operated financial institution that exclusively supports farmers and financially develops the agronomical sector. As a matter of fact, Colombia ranks #1 in the world in terms of providing agricultural resources to farmers. 

Which makes sense, considering that the nation contains over 40 million hectares available for agricultural use. And not just that, but these 40 million hectares are also located in the ideal climate for the production of cannabis and hemp. 

Traditional industrial marijauna plants do not thrive with a cycle of 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness. However, through to innovative breeding techniques, the industry is developing region-specific strains of cannabis that are perfectly suited to the growing conditions. 

In a forward thinking move, the Colombian government has investigated this particular predicament. They acknowledge the importance of genetics in the production of agricultural hemp.  The Colombian government is currently pursuing a program to establish a system of “government certified seeds.” Basically, this means that a farmer receives a governmental guarantee that the hemp strain he is cultivating will have the legal levels of THC and meet other regulatory attributes…before the plants even spring from the ground.

This is especially promising because, with the right strain, outdoor marijauna could be cultivated year round. The temperature is nearly perfect for greenhouse cultivation, as well.

This development is very promising, considering that Colombia’s soil is famously rich in nutrient content. Essentially, the complex minerals and chemicals naturally present in Colombia’s soil produce unique terpenes and cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. 

Despite the natural abundance of its terrain, Colombia has a long and unfortunate history of unsustainable and environmentally harmful mining practices. Hemp cultivation is a uniquely potent and sustainable method for extracting toxins such as heavy metal from the soil. By cultivating cannabis in Colombia, companies receive fungible carbon offset credits which can be sold to increase revenue. 

Best Place to Grow Hemp

One World Pharma Inc and Colombian Hemp Cultivation

One World Pharma Inc (OTCWB: OWPC) is one of the early entrants to the Colombian hemp market. As of now, there are merely fifty farms uniquely cultivating hemp in Colombia. Additionally, there is a double advantage to investing in Colombian marijauna through One World Pharma: we not only aim to cultivate the cannabis, but also to refine and distill the hemp into usable products for global export. Our centralized, vertically integrated Colombian operation will pass savings along to our partners and ultimately, the end user. 

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