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Can Cannabis & Hemp Fix Colombia

Columbia is fighting fire with fire. Marijuana and coca have defined the nation’s image in the world’s eye for the last few decades. Moreover, the violence associated with illegal drug manufacturing has wreaked havoc on the country’s economy and social fabric. Yet unlike the misguided drug warriors of the past, Colombia is trying out a novel solution: turning their exports of cannabis legal and leaning into the existing cultivation culture their nation uniquely provides. In short, the nation of Colombia is redefining their relationship with hemp and turning it from a negative problem to a positive solution.

Can Cannabis & Hemp Fix Colombia

Cannabis: A Potential Savior for Colombian Agriculturalists? 

There is a reason that Colombia was long a hub for illicit cannabis cultivation. Indeed, the climate is nearly perfect for the production of the cannabis sativa plant. The mountainous climate, mixed with the nation’s equatorial location make the conditions ideal for hemp cultivation. Outdoor growth cannabis plants require approximately 12 hours of natural sunlight, followed by twelve hours of darkness every day. Colombia sees these exact numbers, all year. 

Fortunately, the Colombian government has recognized that, with changing global attitudes, their country’s fortunes could be shifted with a forward thinking piece of legislation. This came in the form of Bill 1787, passed in July of 2016. This law didn’t just fully legalize cannabis for medical patients, but laid the groundwork for all stages of cannabis manufacturing and export. The same law permits the cultivation of 40.5 tons of cannabis, or 44% of the production limit set by the International Narcotics Control Board. 

This piece of legislation is particularly logical, given Colombia’s history with cannabis. For those unfamiliar with cannabis, the plant’s different breeds need different conditions. Colombia, through its history of illicit cultivation already has established landraces, or cannabis strains that are naturally suited toward cultivation.

Moreover, though the intent and legality behind the Colombian hemp marketplace is shifting, the nation already enjoys a form of ‘brand recognition’ within the cannabis world. By turning that brand recognition into a force for good, Colombia is poised to provide huge economic and cultural benefits to their population. 

Moreover, this population is largely skilled, agriculturally. For years, indigenous farmers were at the mercy of drug cartels. Now, with the legalization of hemp products, the nation’s farmers are able to put their skills to far more stable and rewarding uses. 

Colombia’s Story Is Cannabis’s Story


The evolving stories of both Colombia and hemp are intertwined. Globally, hemp has been stigmatized and criminalized over the last half century. The policies directed against the trafficking of the plant–juxtaposed against the illicit consumer market’s stability and annual growth–created criminals out of those in the industry. The psychological impact of that, the impact of that on the soul, is not to be underestimated. 

Now, that science has caught up with what some may call common sense, the medical impact of cannabis is being widely touted. Consider the difference between an identity being built around the production of medicine instead of the production of something harmful.  

Truly, becoming one of the world’s leading producers of a widely effective medicine is something that the people of any nation would be proud of. 

The Colombian cannabis workforce is already reporting their satisfaction with being part of a medical community that is helping their neighbors on local, national and regional levels. When the spectrum of ailments that hemp can help is taken into consideration, cannabis-derived medicine could medicinally benefit somewhere between 10% and 15% of the Latin American population. 

One World Pharma Inc and Colombian Cannabis

One World Pharma represents the future of the Colombian cannabis market. OWP is a publicly-traded corporation that is working in close partnership with the Colombian government to establish a sprawling, vertical operation that will bring immense benefit to the growers and small-business people involved in hemp production. 

The farms will employ skilled agriculturalists. The harvested crops will be transported by local  transportation professionals to the factories, where the hemp will be refined and processed into a whole variety of industrial, commercial and personal products. Whether we are creating recreational products for export to Canada, pharmaceutical compounds for export to Europe or flower for personal consumption, One World Pharma’s entire supply chain will benefit the people of Colombia. We consider ourselves lucky to be actively supporting such positive changes in a nation in historical need of growth. 

Check out www.OneWorldPharma.com and learn how to invest in not just the future of cannabis, but a better national future for Colombia. 



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