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CBD Skin Care Products is a world changer. Ten years ago, only a relative handful of industry-leaders, enthusiasts and researchers were familiar with this valuable cannabinoid. Now, CBD is a household name. 

And with good reason. 

CBD’s uses are incredibly abundant. CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most active compound in marijuana, second only to the plant’s most famous chemical, THC.  

Though often associated with its sleep-aiding and stress-reducing qualities, CBD has lately found a remarkable new application: skincare. 

CBD Skin Care Products are on the shelves of every marketplace. That’s because the benefits of CBD oil in skincare have been scientifically tested and consumer approved. 

CBD is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative qualities. 

Not all CBD oils are created equally, however. There is full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the chemicals found in the cannabis plant…including trace amounts of THC.  Applying a full-spectrum CBD skin care products lets you reap the benefits of all the terpenes, trichomes and cannabinoids present in a plant. 

Broad spectrum THC oil also contains many terpenes, trichomes and cannabinoids. It does not, however, contain traces of THC, nor does it have as complex a chemical profile as full-spectrum oil. CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like: the CBD chemical, isolated and distilled as a pure, standalone chemical without the other elements of the plant. Moreover, vegan CBD skin care products can be produced for those interested in a totally harm-free product.

What are the benefits of CBD oil in skincare? 

CBD Skin Care Products

The human body contains numerous cannabinoid receptors. These are in the brain, body and skin. They are also the activity-site for the CBD molecule. These receptors are part of the larger Endocannabinoid Receptor System (ECS), a complex system of nerves and neural pathways that span the body. 

Through its action on the ECS, CBD exhibits a vast range of skincare benefits. CBD’s anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and oil reducing qualities make this chemical the ideal treatment for the world’s most common skin condition: acne. 

Basically, acne is caused by excessive sebum. Sebum is an oil produced by our skin for self-protection. Acne, however, results from an excessive level of sebum. That’s why CBD’s action on the sebocytes, or sebum-production cells, is so important to its rising status in the skincare world. 

In 2014, a study showed that CBD reduced the action of sebocytes in a positive way. When exposed to CBD, sebocytes ceased their excessive production of sebum, causing a reduction in acne. Moreover, in a 2019 study, CBD was shown to improve the appearance of acne scarring in those who suffer from the disease.

Acne, however, is not the only skin condition that CBD can improve. Conditions such as eczema and psoriasis afflict millions of people, the world over. These conditions are defined by dry, itchy, rashy skin. CBD, however, works to directly ameliorate these symptoms. 

CBD’s anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties may reduce the triggers for these skin conditions. A study in 2019 showed that CBD improved the skin condition of those suffering from psoriasis flare ups. 

Oxidative stress is another cause of skin damage. This complex process causes wrinkles and ages skin, due to subtle cellular imbalances. CBD, due to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, ameliorates this condition. It may reduce wrinkle and improve the look and feel of once-damaged skin. 

Finally, CBD, like other chemicals that originate in hemp and cannabis, is anti-microbial and fungal-resistant. That means that CBD can help prevent skin conditions like ringworm and staph infections. 

One World Pharma Inc and CBD Skin care Products 

CBD Skin Care Products

One World Pharma is committed to producing the highest-possible grade of CBD distillate and extracts. Our Columbian operations will provide the raw hemp and cannabis derived CBD extracts that the skincare industry will need in the coming years. 

One World Pharma Inc (OTCWB: OWPC) aims to raise the bar of quality in the CBD industry, then pass those advantages along to our partners and customers. 

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