Learn Why Colombia is the Smart Choice for 400 US Companies

Colombia is the place to produce vast quantities of industrial hemp for wholesale. The South American nation is the next frontier in cannabis and hemp cultivation. Colombia, the South American nation, features the perfect conditions for growing hemp, from regulatory, environmental and practical standpoints. The Colombian cannabis industry will only continue to grow as the export process is streamlined and modified in the coming years. 

It’s no secret the global hemp and cannabis industries are on the cusp of never-before seen economic growth. Due to the vast benefits of growing hemp in Colombia, more North American cannabis companies are moving their operations further south. 

Why Is Colombia the Future of the Global Cannabis Industry?

Central and South America enjoy very progressive legislation surrounding cannabis. Marijuana was decriminalized in Colombia in 2012 and approved for medicinal use in 2016. The Colombian cannabis market is existing proof of the government’s forward thinking outlook. The government is already working to put the legislative infrastructure in place for the legal export of industries around the world.

Olumbian Original
Colombia will soon be the leader in cannabis and hemp production.

Moreover, the physical infrastructure and agrarian culture required for large scale hemp cultivation exists due to a unique combination of regional factors. Notoriously, huge amounts of Colombian land were once used to cultivate coca, the base ingredient used to produce cocaine. The agricultural workforce is eager to put its talents to use producing a more equitable, positive and sustainable product. 

Colombia Has The Perfect Climate For Growing Hemp

Marijuana needs twelve hours of sunlight, year round. Perfect for hemp growers, Columbia, due to its equatorial location, boasts exactly that. The sunlight, in addition to the highland setting and world-famously rich soil, make Colombia one of the world’s best locations for hemp and cannabis cultivation. This is a hugely important reason to invest in Colombian cannabis

What is the cost of cannabis cultivation in Colombia

Not much. 

For those looking to invest in the Colombian hemp industry, consider the following metric: in the United States it costs between $300 to $1500 to produce a pound of marijuana. In Colombia it costs less than $25. That difference speaks for itself. 

There are approximately 40 million hectares of arable land in Columbia. Only a fifth of that land is currently in cultivation. Moreover, the Colombia Ministry of Agriculture has enacted a number of forward thinking policies to incentivize cannabis and hemp cultivation. 

Cheaper to grow cannabis in Colombia than the USA
Colombians are experts in exporting goods and with perfect equatorial weather, it is cheaper to grow in Colombia than anywhere.

For example, 10% of all commercial cannabis inventories must be sourced from local, small scale growers. These are the same growers who bore the brunt of violence and chaos from the coca growers of yesteryear. 

Today’s marketplace is increasingly defined by social impact. Consumers want to know where and how their products were sourced. That Colombian cannabis directly benefits marginalized communities is not just an ethically satisfying perk of doing business in this region, and is a viable business advantage in the 2020s. 

Moreover, by making an incredible abundance of financial and agro-industrial resources–from water availability to shipping infrastructure—available to the nation’s cannabis industry, the Ministry of Agriculture is further incentivizing foreign investment in Colombian cannabis.  

Proof Of Concept: 400 Companies, $600 Million

You read those numbers right. There are already four hundred companies investing themselves in the Colombian cannabis scene. The monetary total is already $600 million. And really, the hemp and cannabis industry is just getting started. 

For instance, the CBD industry grew from $7.7 billion in 2017, to $31.4 billion in 2021. Not only that, but marijuana is already projected to be 2021’s strongest investment opportunity.

$600 Million
$600 million dollars has already been generated in the Colombian cannabis and hemp market.

Colombia is on the cusp of reinvention. Soon, it will be the world’s leading cannabis producer. As Tom Adams of BDS Analytics recently explained “Colombia could produce more cannabis than the world can consume.”

But can you export from Colombia?  


One World Pharma: Colombia’s Future Industry Leader

One World Pharma Inc., helmed by former NBA great Isiah Thomas, is one of the leading industry players currently open in Columbia and we are the only one that has partnered with the Indigenous people. 

We are the preeminent publicly traded Colombian hemp corporation. As a vertically integrated business, OWP Colombia will harvest industrial quantities of hemp and cannabis and refine them into various forms of oils, distillates and isolates to be used as ingredients for other products. 

One World Pharma will produce Both cannabis and hemp CBD isolates from Colombia, South America.  These “ingredients” will be used in consumer based products, from medicines, to recreational marijuana and hemp products, to industrial hemp for textiles. For example, the popularly reviewed Twisted Hemp Wraps are made from Colombian hemp. We produce in Colombia and as international laws continue to develop, export our products to a global market, delivering the highest quality products at a fraction of the cost.

To learn about OWP and our initiatives, request an investor’s prospectus, or simply discover more about Colombian hemp, view the One World Pharma OTCQB:OWPC Stock Investor Relations page.



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