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One World Pharma Inc. utilizes their extensive knowledge & research of the hemp plant to cultivate specific strains from around the world – with 25 registered strains at ICA and dozens more awaiting approval.

One World Pharma Inc. works closely with our customers in creating products. Customers define what hemp molecule combination they desire and OWP grows the plant that fully complies to the request. It is then extracted and refined into oil, distillate and isolate, according to the order requirement. Customers can define their requirements in advance on a contractual basis or purchase off-the-shelf.

Superior Quality

We use innovative, proprietary cannabis micropropagation techniques to cultivate stable, robust, genetically superior hemp derived products – year round.

We produce according to GAP/GMP/EU Pharmacopoeia standards with our products made available and accessible to all large-scale purchasers at market competitive prices. Everything is tested for safety and potency before shipping.


One World Pharma houses a state-of-the-art extraction and refinement facility using the most advanced machinery. OWP adopted ethanol extraction technology over legacy methods such as CO2. Solvent ethanol-based extraction allows for faster processing at higher capacity, more efficient extraction resulting in less waste of product and safer for the environment and staff working at the facility. The primary products are crude oil, distillate and isolate specifically produced to customer’s requirements at the level of CBD desired with close to 99% purity.

Logistics & Supply